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Submitted on
January 9, 2013


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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 9, 2013, 11:45 AM

CLOSED*** :new: No new entries will be accepted.
Judging will be in process tomorrow. TODAY (3/1/13) will be a waiting period so that people can correct me if I disorganized anything. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR ENTRY UNDER THE CLASS NAME IT WAS FOR, AND IT WAS POSTED BEFORE 3/1/13, PLEASE NOTE ME. SIMILARLY, IF YOUR ENTRY IS LISTED UNDER THE WRONG CLASS, PLEASE NOTE ME.


Okay I hate the show Toddlers & Tiaras- but I thought it would be a cute name for this show.
(It's so soon after my last show just ended, like literally minutes ;A; but I had this idea before I closed TCABE and now I really want to do it.)


Welcome to Top Creek Stables! You are cordially invited to take place in a mini-show revolving completely around showing off your favorite babies! The show will take place at Top Creek headquarters in Limerick, Ireland during mid-Winter/Springtime so you have been advised dress warmly. It's cold up here!



Starts: 01/09/13
Entries due by: 02/28/13
Results posted: 03/01/13
Show Type: Foals only. Mixed classes.
Restrictions: None.

This is a mini-show strictly for horses under one year of age, and will go on for the duration of roughly about a month and a half.
It will be judged on effort with about 10% RNG influence from bonuses and distractions.


- Tracing and referencing are allowed, but using linearts or copying/stealing/tracing another person's artwork is absolutely not. If you trace, please credit for the photo you used.
- Pre-registration is NOT required.
- Both natural and unnatural foals of all breeds are accepted. But they must be horses by species - I won't accept something that looks exactly like a griffin but the only thing separating it is a mane or something.
- No horses over the age of one year will be allowed to participate. This is a show for foals.
- A background is required, but it can range from extremely simple (for instance, just shapes or a flat hill) or extremely complex.
- You must draw the foal performing and not just standing there, unless it is the halter class.
- If your foal needs his/her dam nearby, you can picture them in cases like liberty or halter, but they cannot be in sight for things like the foal race or swim race. They may be distracting and/or cause accidental injury if the foal tries to go to them.
- You may enter as many classes as you'd like, but am individual foal may only have one entry in one class. You can draw your foals in the same picture if they are in the same class.
- Since this does include an RNG portion, and I may be entering my own foals, I would like someone else to judge those classes if someone wouldn't mind volunteering.


Based on -effort-:
Headshots: 2 points+
3/4 Partial body or full-body: 4-5 points+
Shading: 1 point+
Handler - 3/4 or fullbody: 5 points+
Background complexity: 1-5 points+
General effort: 1-10 points+
Correct tack and/or weather: 1-5 points+
Story 1-5 points+ (1 point for every 100 words.)
RNG Bonus: 1-10 points+
RNG Distractions: 1-5 points-
Training image or extra images: 5 points+
(only ONE will give you points.)

Overall points that can be earned: 50 points


(Anyone who donates over 100 :points: will receive my gratitude and a rarely marked (of your choice) Ceimard import. (If you don't wish to have a Ceimard, I can design you another breed instead.)
:spotlight-left: Kind Donators: :spotlight-right:
Roma-Roses-Ranch with 150 :points: + a breeding to any of her stallions.
PBSAcres with a breeding to any of her horses, custom designs of any of her breeds or a custom design in general.
StoryBookStables with 150 :points: + a breeding to any of her horses including closed ones.

nadelkissen with 200 :points:
Auraleyki with 125 :points: (25 for each first) and a fullbody picture of winning horse with ribbon.
OpalSkye  with 150 :points: + a breeding to her nordanner colt (… + an import from her breed, Stratosteeds
Everclear-Pastures with 150points + fullbody drawing of the winning foal to the Grand Champion
- 75 points + headshot drawing of the winning foal to the Reserve Champion
- 20 points to each 2nd place in each category
- 15 points to each 3rd place in each category

:trophy: Grand Champion: Headshot of winner + 500 :points: + a breeding to any of my horses, alive, closed, or deceased unless too young to breed (under 5) + a breeding to any of Roma-Roses-Ranch's stallions + a fullbody picture of the winner by Auraleyki with ribbon + a breeding to OpalSkye's Nordanner colt:… + fullbody drawing of the winning foal by Everclear-Pastures

:trophy: Reserve Champion: Headshot of winner + 225 :points: + a breeding to any of PBSAcres's horses, custom designs of any of her breeds or a custom design in general + a breeding to any of StoryBookStables's horses, including closed ones. + + an import from OpalSkye's breed, Stratosteeds + headshot drawing of the winning foal by Everclear-Pastures

:star: First place: One horse design + 115 :points: + a sketch of the winner.
Second place: One horse design + 70 :points:
Third place: One horse design + 35 :points:

More and better prizes will come if they are donated.


Weather: Sunny with snow on the ground.
Foals will be released into a fenced arena, and owners will stand at the opposite end to demonstrate the foal's obedience and trust by trying to get them to come. First foal to reach the other end of the arena will be given first place, and so forth.


AniaJag's Ezio's Heart
AniaJag's Gonna Impreza
Auraleyki's Halastjarni of Auraleŭki
atoxicrose's TRS Dancing With The Devil
SnowglobeDragon's Hellebore
HighBankStables's West End Victory
DeArtemisMoon's NS Inierno Val
DeArtemisMoon's NS Schnee Bombenanschlag
DeArtemisMoon's NS Braking Belles
Song-Wolf-Farm's SWF Vita
phoenixxs's RCF Over The Top

Weather: Snowing lightly. Overcast sky.
Standard halter class. Foal must be wearing a halter, no bridles or bits obviously.

noebelle's SSR She Ain't No Cheap Champagne
Auraleyki's Halastjarni fra Auraleŭki
Auraleyki's Hrímandi of Auraleŭki
MareCalledMonroe's Helen of Troy
KalahariMeerkatfan's Boldfire
Crissiesaurus's Minotaurus 3392
phoenixxs's RCF Over The Top
DeArtemisMoon's NS Inierno Val
DeArtemisMoon's NS Schnee Bombenanschlag
DeArtemisMoon's NS Braking Belles
3101996's Sara DlC's
EverlastingStables's HG Romancing the Moon
AniaJag's Cherry Pop
AniaJag's AS Ferrari Enzo

03 - CUTEST FOAL (Liberty) (fullbody required)
Weather: Dry but overcast. Snow on the ground.
Foals will be released into an arena to do what they do best - be cute. Please be creative with entries, the foal cannot just be standing in place.
KalahariMeerkatfan's Boldfire
TheManateeStables's Conquistador's Flight
apic4u's APU Silver 2 Cash
PinkPonyFarts's LPPS's Wicked Vivian
inglorious-vikings's IVS Angry Bird 3275
Yumpy's Resplendent
RiverView-Equestrian's RVE Lucky You
Champie-TiiteWolf's BMS Fantastic Lilith
Song-Wolf-Farm's SWF Purple Fyre
DeArtemisMoon's NS Inierno Val
DeArtemisMoon's NS Schnee Bombenanschlag
DeArtemisMoon's NS Braking Belles
Crissiesaurus's Minotaurus 3392
3101996's Mastermind DlC's
Crissiesaurus's Minotaurus 3392
phoenixxs's RCF Over The Top

04 - COSTUME CLASS (fullbody required)
Weather: Slightly rainy. Overcast. Snow on the ground.
Go wild! Dress your foal up in any crazy, whacky, cute or sensible costume you'd like. Anything is allowed here, as long as it is non-offensive, and humane to the animal.

ZombieOverLoad's LDR The Lone Centurion
inglorious-vikings's IVS Mustache 2602
Champie-TiiteWolf's BMS Rahotep
AccaliaRose's RRS NyanCat
DeArtemisMoon's NS Inierno Val
DeArtemisMoon's NS Schnee Bombenanschlag
DeArtemisMoon's NS Braking Belles

Weather: Sunny again. Snow on the ground, but the water is heated.
How does your foal perform in water? Wild foals on the island of Chincoteague make it every year during the Horse Swim, can yours? Handler must swim beside the foal across a heated pool of 25 meters. It will be divided into lanes with floating markers to avoid injury between contestants. Please do not enter this class if you think it may be a traumatic experience for your foal if they are particularly skittish, etc. Lifeguards will be on duty to help out if something goes wrong.

KalahariMeerkatfan's Hotspot
MareCalledMonroe's Golden Sea Pearl
AccaliaRose's RRS Strawberry Theif
Ookamigirl00's Kaito
EverlastingStables's HG Romancing the Stone
s1088's 3750 TBS Mogwai
phoenixxs's RCF Over The Top
TheBrooklynnYouLove's Purple Mountain Majesty


Thank you for reading! We hope you'll join! :meow:

Journal CSS by xReiichiru
Brushes by Coby17
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Song-Wolf-Farm May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did I get disqualified?
Song-Wolf-Farm Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did I break the show rules? I haven't heard anything for a long time :(
noebelle Mar 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
no not at all, i'm taking awhile to sort things out! i apologize for the wait
On question, um will the results be posted soon?
noebelle Mar 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yes! I have someone working on it
AniaJag Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you ever add Cherry Pop's entry to Foal halter? It was submitted in comment on this journal but isn't listed in the entries. You added it to your fav's.
noebelle Mar 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I was going to do that on closing day since I just got so many entries that editing the journal over and over was getting hard XD

so yea its been added I just need to do that right now.
3101996 Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here is my last entrie just in time for the deadline :D for the CUTEST FOAL my little Mastermind:


Hope you like it :3
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